There is only room at the Very Top of a Mountain for one Climber....If you get to the Top of a Mountain and find that someone is already there there is only one question worth asking them " can you see any empty Mountains from up here?" If they claim that theirs is the only Mountain worth Living on and tell you to take your place at their feet, kick them off and have a look for Y'rself....
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Never stop Moving, Strive for Eternity, but if ya gotta Die, Die Well....
Ireland for The Irish (and Friends) remember, we were in Ireland WAY before the protestants and catholics. And likewise for every other People that have had their Cultures destroyed by greed-ridden low-life invaders with the moral capacity of pond scum (to any pond scum that may read this, th' use of your name in this comparison is no reflection on you yourselves, I just couldn't actually think of any lower form of life to indicate my contempt of the greed "mentality" of the rock-apes that have culled the populations of other lands in the name of " racial superiority")...." 'reality' is a construct of the corporate mentality designed for the manipulation of slaves and the maintainance of the status quo"

all of these songs were recorded one after another, straight to mp3 through an El Cheapo Tandy headphone/mic set balanced on a crate across a boomy rendered-walls room in about 1/2-3/4 of an hour, string breaking at end of "that song" was the only pause.... Apologies for unfinished sound, first attempt, grand total of 4 hours creating/adding effects to give basic idea for concept of new cd "Nightbird Radio" which is actually 18 trax, these samples are in album order though, and will be replaced with improved versions as they become available, eventually previewing the album in its entirety, it's sort of a road trip through a breakdown Romance in flashback form from beginning to desolate ending, with a sparse movie backing feel, ala "Paris, Texas", or "Water World" without the happy ending, more manic/psychotic, an Orpheus in the Underworld type of storyline....enjoy....

"Creative Displays"
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Arts Unlimited
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If, as most religions claim, after/outside of all space/time/existance-as-we-percieve-it we are one-with-the-All, then we put ourselves here/now for a purpose. We obviously fulfilled that purpose or we would never have been in the position of being able to put ourselves here/now in the first place. as you see fit. If there is only the here/now........... as you see fit.
If the cosmos, if everything that we can perceive/imagine & everything beyond our perception/imagination, was created in it's entirety by an all-powerful being, an omnipotent, omniscient, ever-present, Eternal deity, then It knows at all times exactly what will ever happen, what decisions/actions will be made/performed by any one/all of us, therefore we can only do as we were created to do....the deity is the only one responsible for anything It created, in It's It's not OUR problem....
..If, as religions tend to claim, the deity is good, then what is evil?....If the deity created everything, It also created evil..a satan can never win a battle with it's own creator, at most it can only be a complex programme to, metaphorically, play chess with. Moreover, if that deity created all the evil in our lives, purely because of It's own leanings, is It not therefore more evil than any satan (a pawn of It's creation game) could ever be?
Religion to date has never been any more than another method of crowd control, the wolves still farm the sheep for their vampyre lords & ladies. Ignore their mesmerisms, deny them your slavery, think for yourselves, not for the benefit of the feudal powers.

....Count Mesmer proved a long time ago (& others before him) that electrical fields can be used to induce hypnotic receptiveness in people, the nazi's apparently used fluoride as a brainwashing drug, eating makes you sleepy....cities today keep the population surrounded by electrical fields, sleepy from regular over-eating, drinking water polluted with fluoride & watching a programming device known as television/reading information provided via the rich publishing magnates & listening to music mass distributed by those same moguls-all via a small group of heirarchists at the censorship's no wonder that apes still run this planet.

Fit the first.......the editorial from "Don't believe the Hype"


Have you ever had the impression that something is out to get you?....well you were right. Some force is at work on this plane/planet, a nemesis of personal freedom/creativity....listen to the radio, check the papers, watch a movie or the television, or read a few history books, the "arts" presented are caught in a time loop. Every few years the whole thing just flashes back to the start of the playlist, old performances are revived/re-aired/re-made/re-released/sampled/tribute-banded/re-mixed/re-hashed ad hoc. The media in general offers nothing except the same point of view, presented in slightly different disguises, sheep dressed up as lambs, a refusal to allow presentation of original thought on a planet-wide exposure scale for fear of inspiring a challenge to the status quo, the existing regime is quite happy with its lot, thank you very much, and the last thing that it wants is an availability of alternative viewpoints on division of labour or a change in the way the pie is sliced, hell, why should some poor rich person have to suffer the sight of the "less fortunate" shambling, bedraggled around the streets, not even wearing nice clothes or deoderant as they forage in the bins for half eaten burgers, when those unable to afford taxi rides everywhere can be hidden by public transport induced curfews & ridiculous drink driving limits/laws-any idea how many of those scavengers & labourers etc. are savvy-savvy people with more creative spirit in their souls than any 100 of the "made for the masses opiation" of the top 40 music charts, or the actors/ script writers of the small and big screens, the difference is that the "streeties" don't tend to be from "connected" bloodlines, ie: they ain't related to, or friends of the "powers that be"....I mean how many generations is it going to take before people notice that the big bucks go to the "performers" on the world stage that either best parrot the promoted views of the rich, or those who have been promoted by the heirarchy to stardom purely as a nice way of avoiding gift taxes amongst "families", ie:, rather than just hand a poorer member of the family money, a friend of your's buys your nephew's latest "i've seen drunk monkeys paint more talented work" mud-on-fabric with pig shit highlights interpretation of the dolphins of Outer Eastonia and YOU pay an enormous sum of money for a recording contract to another friend's cute niece who's grandparents have supported the "right" political party all their lives and whose "influence" with that party allows your new plan for a home for aging "pedigree pets that have done commercials" to be passed by the local council's development committee on the cheap land that had been designated as national park, but which the "government" had decided to re-classify as " or developable as a home for pedigree pets that have done commercials land".... is a tennis player REALLY worth a $1,000,000.00 purse for a match, are movie stars and sit-com actors really worth the millions that they are supposedly paid each year???? do "unconnected" people win lotto?? why did kerry packer pay 1 cent tax for an entire year....don't believe a word that "they" say, the words of their presentations are designed, quite cunningly, to promote and continue a sociological heirarchy where they need never work nor toil, nor worry about the rabble upsetting the cart.... wars are organised for economic reasons only, business deals between the powers to cull the less productive/useful members of the lower-classes, while your unemployable friends and relatives are being slaughtered in battle the generals and their masters are drinking gin together and shaking hands over the success of their newest venture in the elimination of age pensions and healthcare, and the fact that the next generation will be even more deskbound and dopey, easier to lull, less likely to question class structures, more susceptible to the programming opiates of the media's promotions-all I can say is "stay awake, don't believe ANYTHING the heirarchy tells you, refuse the bribes, and remember, if they can continue to keep you confused, then they can manipulate your consciousness's"........


don't believe the hype

You Are Visitor Number

If there is an "Afterlife" then deal with it when it happens, in the meantime, this MAY VERY WELL BE the ONLY Life that YOU get....
Thirty years now, maybe more, to wander 'lone at last along this morbid shore, bereft of life, save for the bones of those who've gone before, and the banshee shriek of love's lost paramour....I woke last night (tho' maybe only in dreaming dream't) to sounds of far off war at which I ought to revel at the distance that time and loss have brought and in that knowledge feel exempt from the hatred and madness that humankind pre-empt, as they in their rage display that they've been bought, to toil as slaves in chains that they themselves have wrought, and by season tickets to the circus of contempt....The waves bring here as much sand as they take away, a boundless island locked and limboed in immortality, and in the balance such great dreams hold sway, that only in waking can thought create the key....The door to this design is hid amongst the trees, behind the shoreline where shades' complexities contrast and combine in causal tapestries, chiaroscuro (to divine sweet nature's symmetries) and where feathers of air illuminate her symphonies, where colours shiver, chance and shine upon the breeze....Step after step, will one more step suffice, to raise me o'er this fiery hill of avarice, away from that molten lake where rafts of ice ferry to and from the system's edifice, whilst no-one does real work, so all must pay the price, feeding their mechanical god their lives like lice, where Elijah steers a flaming, flying fallout chariot drawn by mice and casts Jack o' lantern shadows 'till all aquiesce....
Got a Point of View-or just a washed Brain??